If You’re Basic and You Know It, Do Better

I was perusing Instagram yesterday when I came across a post from a woman I know to be intelligent, driven, well spoken, and charismatic. She posted a #selfie with a bottle of #whitegirlrosé and a caption that read “If you’re basic and you know it clap your hands”. This annoys me. This beautiful, smart woman, who has an interesting job, lives in a happening city, and seems to be (based on social media posts) involved in cool activities, calls herself basic based upon her wine taste.

Now, I know what you could be thinking. People over exaggerate these days. Political correctness has pervaded every form of media and we even adhere to it within our own personal conversations. But my problem with ladies voluntarily taking on this label goes beyond this. Basic Bitch or Basic Girl or just Basic is a moniker made popular by CollegeHumor and utilized in full force by white girls my age, who, like myself, enjoy the occasional reality television show, wines paired with cheese boards, and wearing yoga pants even if we haven’t stepped foot in the gym in weeks.

The only difference between us is that I don’t call myself basic. I like what I like and to diminish my interests to this simple term, which then places me in a category that says I am not interesting enough to care about something more important than Alex and Ani bracelets, is a slight to my personality, my mind, and my spirit. I think that gals initially thought it was funny to call themselves basic because it proved they were in on the joke. If they knew their behavior was basic than they were no longer basic bitches because they could spot the actual basic ones.

I want us to be better than basic. I want us to enjoy some John Irving with our glasses of Pinot Grigio. I want us to sit in the salon chair discussing film, travel, and politics. Basic means typical, run of the mill, ordinary. Basic means filling conversation with false rumors, celeb gossip, and Facebook posts from last night. I want women to know that it’s okay to like mainstream, standard things but that doesn’t pigeonhole you into this stereotype. So, put your iphone 6 down and wake up. Take hold of your own conversation and experiences and make each moment better than basic.

Thanks for listening to this rant. I think it’s time for me to leave Starbucks now that my iced skinny vanilla latté is cold.

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