Moving to the Country, Gonna Eat A lotta Peaches

I moved to “Denver” about two weeks ago and some friends and family I left behind are starting to check in, see how I’m adjusting, asking if I’ve found employment and housing. It’s nice that they care don’t get me wrong. But I feel like I am living a completely different life than the one I pictured for myself on the road trip out here and the one I described to them at my going away party. I imagined securing a cute little bungalow downtown, next to a bike path and a coffee shop while also being close to my job so I can walk to work. I would hike every afternoon, go to free concerts downtown, explore breweries with coworkers, the whole bit. The scene I was picturing is definitely idyllic and definitely unattainable if you’re moving out to Colorado with 1,000 dollars, no job, and only one friend who lives in the ‘burbs.

Nevertheless, I am fitting into my not so big city life. On paper, it looks like I’m probably fighting a drug addiction, bored out of my mind, or crazy. I work at a liquor store disguised as a fine wine shop but the majority of the clients come in to buy pints of peppermint Vodka so they can drink at work and not get caught. It’s five sweet old men, who know a decent amount about craft beer and alcoholism, and me, their apprentice and their gender diversity hire. On days I’m not working, I hang out at Winchell’s Donut shop with the homeless in Longmont. As the hours drain on and my sugar headache and caffeine high increase, the homeless move on to camp out and the drunks come out to play. They think it’s weird and cool that I’m at Winchell’s doing actual work while they were slamming beers. I wish I could join them sometimes, just to have someone to share a drink with.

Other than the forced isolation, it’s been pretty great. I don’t have to deal with traffic, I get to explore cool cities around me with the excuse that I need to find wifi and things to write about, and I live rent free. I’ve extended my post college vacation as far as anyone can extend it and am relishing every minute of it.

So, for now, life is great.

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