Always Nothing – The Creative Mind of Liv Jones

Recently, one of my best friends since childhood asked me to contribute to her blog. Liv Jones (né Zuk), is an Orlando based radio DJ, photographer, entrepreneur, and general jack of all trades. Since I’ve known her, she’s always had some sort of side project, passion, or pleasure. Constantly changing gears, Liv now runs, writes for, and produces Always Nothing, a super cool website you should all check out :)!

The following is an article on artist Michael Parallax that we collaborated on. She’s the one that convinced me to start this blog in the first place, to write everyday, and a huge part of where I am right now. Check out her website, drop her a line, especially if you are in Orlando, and check out some shows she promotes. You won’t regret it.

Michael Parallax



Michael Parallax, a formerly Orlando based musician, known to incorporate lights, costume changes, and even audience members in his shows, will grace the stage of  Will’s Pub once more. His live performances are highly interactive, often functioning as a give and take between himself and the audience.

Parallax is even known to walk viewers out of the venue to form conga lines or spontaneous acapella groups (specifically Macy Gray Choruses). It’s a connective experience that Parallax believes helps the audience loosen up and truly engage. He creates a cathartic opportunity for people to experience music together hands on in a time where most have their hands on their touch screens.

Michael has music in his blood. His two siblings, known asMoonlasso and Spirit Tramp are also talented musicians. Michael Parallax has to sing. He has to perform. He has to connect with people through his artistic expression that sometimes even incorporates lights carried with him in the back seat of his car.

This video portrays a different Parallax unseen at live shows. Stripped down from the stage and the crowd, he’s intimate, nostalgic, and chalk full of childhood wonderment. He is capable of busting out a multitude of songs and feelings you haven’t enjoyed since the days of TRL.

~Part II coming soon~

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